New York


November 2018

So it had always been my dream to go to New York for my 21st birthday and well I just so happen to have the best mother in the world who made this dream come true. We couldn’t go on my actual birthday but we went a week or so after. I know what your thinking ‘spoilt bitch gets a trip to New York paid for by her mum’. Yeah I get what it looks like but my mum wouldn’t pay for it if 1. she didn’t want too and 2. if she didn’t want to go as-well because where ever I go, mum is usually the person that will be coming with me. That’s just how we role and because I have no friends lol.

We have been before, but tried to fit in basically every tourist attraction you can think of into four days so this trip we thought we could go places that we didn’t get to go last time and mostly just explore some of the places you wouldn’t usually go as a tourist. I love going to New York, but to be able to enjoy it to it’s full potential you have to have money! looking around all the shops just makes you want to buy everything which isn’t possible when you’re on a strict budget.

Before we left, I did some research and made a list of things I wanted to see and do whilst we were there. Firstly I knew 100% I was not leaving until I found the big tiger painting, Brooklyn Bridge explore more of central park AND ride in a yellow taxi (its the little things). Anything else that we managed to fit in was a bonus.

I think by now Mum and I have walked the entire length of New York because we decided to walk all the way to Brooklyn bridge from our hotel which was near Macy’s, thats a 3 mile walk there and back ladies and gentlemen and let me tell you, that doesn’t sound far but my god does it feel far especially when its freezing cold. So anyway, we are walking to Brooklyn Bridge and I pick us a route that will hopefully take us past the big tiger painting that I so desperately wanted to get a picture with and what does Shannon end up doing? WALKING STRAIGHT PAST IT!! and hearing mum saying “Erm Shannon you’re walking past it”. It’s MASSIVE and I walked past the bloody thing!! But anyway, we found it and I got my picture so I was happy!

One thing I must say is that New York is EXPENSIVE! It wasn’t too bad the first time we went but this time around it seemed way more expensive. Maybe that’s because the dollar rate isn’t great and the pound is so weak or maybe New York have put their tax up who knows.

We also went and spent pretty much an entire day walking around central park because it is so big. It was just nice to just wonder around though and not have any real plan of where we were going. Along the way, there were some performers doing a dance act, they were so so good! It’s just nice to see something different that you wouldn’t see at home.

On the final day we decided we wanted to go have a look in the American History museum which was super interesting and MASSIVE just like everything else in NY so we decided to treat our feet to a yellow taxi cab home (which was on the bucket list anyway).